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Burger Fresh Tomball Texas

Texas Monthly 2009 Top Burgers

Having heard of Burger Fresh being rated as “Best Burgers by Texas Monthly” I figured that I should tty one and see for myself. Notice the quote… “Best Burgers by Texas Monthly”. That is directly from their own advertising located inside the store in Tomball Texas. Burger Fresh in Tomball by the way, occupies the stale old building left by Dairy Queen who relocated west of town in the newly built retail center near the recently completed highway 249 Tomball bypass. I make a point of telling you this for reasons to be made clear later in this review. Tomball is not one our ‘regular’ haunts but, we do get out there from time to time visiting with clients and as I had some time to kill and was looking for a quick bite, the mood struck me to try Burger Fresh in Tomball. Now I know better.

As it was the middle of the afternoon I wasn’t expecting the place to be all that busy but what I didn’t know was the one car parked directly in front of the store must have been an employees – one of the only 2 people in the store; a grandmotherly appearing woman handling the front counter and the drive through with the second likely being her husband and burger chef and if I may be so presumptious, probably the owners of this particular location. Why does this matter? Because if they are the owners, they should really try to be more friendly with their customer(s). She was nice enough and courteous but really didn’t appear to be enjoying what she was doing. And at her she would likely rather be doing something else but, hey, she’s here and if she want’s her business to survive… well you get the picture, right?

Burger Fresh Arrival

So, my 100% Angus Beef, 1/2 lb burger arrived in short order, less than 10 minutes and wasn’t exactly hot, but it also wasn’t cold either. The burger was wrapped in a wax paper like product nestled in one of those little red baskets made famous by someone else. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the truly fresh ground burgers you can get most anywhere these days, but honestly, my first thought when I saw the precision cut, round slab of beef before me, was “oh joy”, it may be Angus, but it sure looks pre-formed which usually coincides with being frozen. Not that I expect them to have been grinding out the burgers in the back room but, this is “Burger Fresh” not “Burger Frozen”. Please tell me if I am incorrect here.

Upon further inspection, I found a single yet healthy slice of tomato and a pickle slice, yes, just the one and a fragment or two of iceburg lettuce. The sandwich comes with these items along with mayo and mustard ( a mostly southern thing I’m told) but, as I prefer mustard I asked for the mayo to be held back.

half lb cheeseburger - burger fresh

The first bite of my Burger Fresh Burger wasn’t a wow factor, not a best burger in Texas, not even a really good burger. In researching for this article which unfortunately for me, I didn’t do until after having gone to the Tomball store, I discovered that it was the Conroe Burger Fresh location that was listed in the Texas Monthly 2009 ‘Top 50 Burgers in Texas’, at position 13. Burger Fresh, Conroe, 1/2 Pound Burger July 22, 2009 The burger did begin to taste a little better as I continued to eat it but, it will likely be the last one I eat from this store. We don’t get to Conroe that often either but, maybe we will stop in to that store one of these days.

While on the subject of attempting to capitalize on someone else’s good fortune, we might also recognize that this award is now over 24 months old and could therefore assume that enough things have changed that render such notice as no longer valid or even important for that matter; in need of a revisit at the very least…. With so many Burger Restaurants in The Woodlands, we just don’t get to all of them as often as we want to, and the next time we are Tomball… let’s just say we aren’t going to Burger Fresh.

Think we got it wrong? Or did we hit the nail on the head? Let us know in the comments below. And remember, you don’t have to take our word for it – give them a try for yourself and decide! Burger Fresh is located at 1000 West Main, Tomball, Texas  832-559-8333


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Burger Fresh in Tomball closed / lost their franchise license (?) in the Spring of 2012 and has since re-opened under a new name – Sunny Dai’s.

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