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When I think of an old-fashioned country breakfast it usually conjures up images of a rustic little café in a small Texas town that serves homemade biscuits on tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths. I don’t consider nationwide chains when hankering for a ‘county breakfast.’ But I wanted to find a homemade breakfast within earshot, and not have to spend a half a day and a half a tank of gas looking for a café in a rural Texas town. Then in the deep recesses of my mind I remembered reading something that said Dosey Doe served breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sure ’nuff they do, so I moseyed on over to Dosey Doe’s and was greeted and seated by Nicole, who was happy to answer my questions about portion sizes, and make recommendations. They’ve given the term ‘country’ breakfast a whole new meaning. They offer Huevos Rancheros, breakfast burritos, an 8 oz. Angus strip steak with eggs that they call a New York strip, and a ‘Texas’ Eggs Benedict (which implies that it’s bigger than everyone else’s). So there’s more than one country’s breakfast featured on the menu. I also could have ordered a custom 3-egg omelet and included up to twelve different ingredients! Who offers that?! You can even order a chicken-fried steak with the usual breakfast sides, only theirs are not the usual. They’re generous portions cooked to perfection.

Super Southern Combo @ Dosey Doe

It was a tough choice but I wanted a broad sampling of breakfast food, so I ordered the Super Southern Combo, and ‘super’ it was! Two buttermilk biscuits smothered with sausage pepper gravy, two eggs (any style), a slice of fried ham, and a choice of grits or country potatoes. I don’t like runny eggs so I ordered mine over medium, and they were perfect! I even said the word aloud as I broke open the first egg with my fork. I’m sure the fried ham would have been delicious, but I love bacon so I asked if I could make the substitution, and Nicole said, “Of course!” I like it when a restaurant will let you make substitutions. They’re in the bonus if they do. The bacon was fried perfectly crisp too. Being born and raised in this area of the country, I’m not ashamed to say I love grits, but I opted for the country potatoes because I saw a big pile of them being served at the table next to mine, and I couldn’t resist them. They were firm on the outside and soft on the inside; again… cooked perfect, and perfectly seasoned. The buttermilk biscuits with the sausage/pepper gravy had me from “Hello.” Unlike biscuits anywhere else, they weren’t hard on the bottom; they melted in your mouth. And the gravy had chunks, BIG chunks, of sausage, and I could go on and on. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t take the photo of my breakfast before I fell into it, consuming some of the potatoes and half of an egg, but at least you can see what I meant by a perfectly cooked egg ‘over medium.’ All of this was chased with a cup of Dosey Doe’s delicious fresh-roasted coffee.

Unbeknownst to many, Dosey Doe has their own roaster on site for their special coffee beans, so the coffee is always fresh-roasted and ground. In fact, they ship coffee all over the country from this location, making it one of The Woodlands greatest exports.
Also unique on their breakfast menu…their ‘Over and Under’ menu with smaller portions for cowpokes under 12 and over 65, and a dozen A La Carte offerings.  See for yourself. Dosey Doe Breakfast Menu

The breakfast is just one more reason to visit Dosey Doe. Their dinner menu is equally delicious as I’ve feasted on it too, and the entertainment is legendary featuring artists like Crystal Gayle, Roy Head and his son, Sundance, world-renown Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra, Ray Price, and B.J. Thomas, just to name a very few, because unlike The Woodlands Pavilion, the Dosey Doe Stage is booked year-round.

The live music at Dosey Doe isn’t only at night, an acoustic guitar player serenaded those congregated for breakfast, and I thoroughly enjoyed his unique twist on classic rock pieces. Whether they have entertainment or you tour the place and look at the wide assortment of antiques, eating at Dosey Doe’s is more than just a meal, it’s an event. They’ve expanded to add two new coffee shops, one just west of I-45 North on FM 1488, and the other in Alden Bridge, at 8021 Research Forest Drive. They serve breakfast at these two ‘Little Does” as they refer to them, and I’m sure they’re equally as delicious. Being a 5th generation Texan, I know a great country breakfast when I eat one, and I just did.

Click here for additional information about Dosey Doe, live music events, visit  the Dosey Doe website for the menu, or their coffee or email doseydoeinc1 at  or heck, just call Dosey Doe at 281-367-3774.

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author: Janet Werner

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