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The Egg & I

 A favorite place for Breakfast in The Woodlands!

As web developers, it’s not an easy task to get us out of bed during “normal” breakfast hours. Conversely, we’re adept at finding decent food into the late hours of the night. But our lack of ability at being “morning people” doesn’t keep us from dining out for breakfast every now and again, especially since a number of breakfast restaurants in The Woodlands serve breakfast until mid-day, or in some cases, all day. But when we agreed to an earlier-than-usual appointment the other day, we opted to skip breakfast at home and stop in at The Egg & I for that most important meal of the day.

He Said

Our server, Grahm, was definitely on his game this morning. In fact, looking around, it appeared to us that if ever there were a better collection of Morning People, we hadn’t come across it yet – all of the servers seemed to be genuinely happy to help and in good spirits. Never one to start my day without coffee, I asked for some of The Egg & I‘s in-house Holiday blend, which Grahm informed us had a nice blend of cinnamon and other spices roasted in the beans. For my meal, I ordered the Colorado Jack Scramble ($8.59) – a scramble of three eggs with diced ham, green peppers, tomatoes and onions, topped with melted pepper jack cheese and green onions. I also had sausage, wheat toast and a side of salsa. The eggs were light and fluffy and blended well with the ham, peppers, fresh tomato and cheese. Essentially the egg scramble is merely a twist on the  more familiar Colorado Omelette but can prepared a little faster and less likely to have any overdone areas. This method has now become my favorite way to enjoy this mixture of eggs, meat, and cheese. This was not our first time to visit the Egg & I for breakfast though it was definitely one  of the earliest times of day that we had been there and so far, the food has always been delicious.


She Said

It’s not that I can’t be a morning person. In fact, I was one for several years. It’s just that now I don’t have to be one. But regardless of whether it’s forced or voluntary, I need coffee to get me out the door, too. I really like The Egg & I‘s coffee; they grind it fresh in-house, and have their own blends of mild Arabica coffee beans. I ordered the Raspberry Granola Pancake ($7.69 w/meat). The raspberry granola pancake is a huge wheat pancake, with bits of granola and whole raspberries cooked right in. It comes with raspberry yogurt to use as a topping instead of syrup – an option that I find to be quite delicious. It also comes with an egg (I like mine scrambled) and either bacon or sausage patties; I went with the bacon. When I say this pancake is huge, I mean it is gi-normous. It is literally almost a full 12″ across, nearly covering the entire plate. At a size that’s all but unmanageable at home, at The Egg & I, it’s cooked perfectly from edge to edge; no raw spot in the center or burned edges. The raspberries add a nice sweetness that is complemented by the yogurt, and the granola gives the whole thing a nice crunch. They really do a nice job on the eggs cooking them up fluffy and the bacon is crisp and flavorful.


In The End

We really enjoyed our breakfast at The Egg & I. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere to it, and the staff all seem to really enjoy being there. Judging by the crowd that had gathered by the time we left, we’re not the only ones that think so highly of them, either. If we could offer one critique, however, it would be the way that coffee is priced. We know this is a common practice, but it just doesn’t seem fair to charge $2.39 per person when only two of us are drinking from the same carafe – one that we didn’t even empty, for that matter. Our suggestion would be to charge by the carafe (rather than per person) when 2 or more are drinking coffee; a method that seems fair regardless of the number of people drinking coffee at the table. Regardless, The Egg & I is a great place for family breakfasts, business breakfasts, pre- or post-workout breakfasts or just a routine breakfast stop. Oh, and they serve lunch, too! Plus with free Wi-Fi, you can stay a while and surf as you drink a little more of that coffee. If you’re like us and prefer a little coffee in your sugar and cream, be sure to ask for Grahm, he knows how to take care of a ‘Sugarsaurus’. ;-)

The Egg and I Breakfrast

The Egg & I, 1644 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands 77381 281 419-8333


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