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Crescent Moon Brunch

As a rule, we don’t do Brunch. First of all, there’s that whole having to get up early and get ready to go somewhere, all before we’ve had our coffee and breakfast (the remedying of which would summarily defeat the purpose of going to Brunch). That’s usually compounded by many dining establishment’s ideas of “brunch” including oddities like tenderloin or lump crab meat omlets. On the other hand, we can only have homemade pancakes and oatmeal so many days in a row before we start to crave something different.

And that’s where Crescent Moon Wine Bar steps in to lend us a hand. Crescent Moon recently began serving brunch on Sundays. There is a generous, do-able timeframe of 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM, allowing even the laziest of non-morning people to sleep in. And then menu is at once highly gourmet yet down-to-earth in it’s diverse offerings. We stopped in this past weekend, looking for a fitting way to usher in the New Year after having slept half the day away on Saturday (ha-ha).

sunday brunch available at crescent moon

Never one to pass up my breakfast favorite, French toast*, I couldn’t wait to sample Chef Cody’s Brioche French Toast – topped with bananas foster and candied pecans. The brioche French bread is hand-crafted and baked fresh, right there at the ‘Moon. The rich and tender bread is generously cut and battered, then delicately browned with a golden crust to perfection, not too spongy, not too dry. There’s nothing worse than ordering French toast somewhere and having thin, soggy bread served to you. No worries here, though. Each of the four slices were at least a half-inch thick, allowing the batter to cook completely. These were then topped with spiced-rum soaked banana slices, warm maple syrup and a sprinkling of candied pecans. My patience ran just a little thin waiting for pictures to be snapped of my dish before I could dive in, but oh, was it worth the wait. Crescent Moon’s Brioche French Toast could only be compared to perhaps La Madeleine’s Cinnamon French Toast; but even that isn’t fair, as their’s is raisin-croissant-based, with fresh berries and mandarin slices. A different kind of goodness altogether, comparable in quality if nothing else.

crescent moon serves a wonderful sunday brunch

My partner-in-all-things selected the Build-Your-Own Three-Egg Omelet, customizing it with chicken, smoked cheddar and bell peppers. The omelet comes with a hearty portion of home fries (which we felt would more accurately be described as roasted potatoes) and a warm croissant. Having made countless omelets myself, I would venture either they’re cooking more than three eggs into that omelet, or they know where the area’s largest egg-producing hens are. Either way, the omelet was good-sized, not at all diminished by the aforementioned serving of potatoes. And while both the omelet and the potatoes were a touch on the cold side, it’s more likely this was the result of our dishes requisite posing for the camera, not an attribute to be blamed on the kitchen or the server. The flavor and texture were both excellent, regardless, needing no improvements or camouflaging by salsa or catsup.

Accompanying our meal with a Mimosa and a Poinsettia was a refreshing change of pace, and went well with the fresh coffee in our never-empty cups. For those that have the desire for them, both were light and refreshing, served in pretty champagne flutes. Not something we’ll have routinely, but it was a nice treat for a more elegant breakfast/brunch.

Crescent Moon Wine Bar continues to surprise us with their innovation and reinvention of themselves. Just as the recently revamped dinner menu left us nothing short of completely satisfied, their Sunday Brunch left us wanting to return again and again. After our meal, we chatted with owner Rodney Anderson, who let us know about a few more changes coming up for the new year. Jazz Night Thursdays will change from every Thursday to once a week, to make room for a broad variety of artists, bands and music tastes. To better align the scheduling with the demand, lunch service will change to Thursday – Saturday. And of course he and Chef Cody are always working new innovations into the menu. Also never one to shy away from feedback – good, bad or otherwise – he was open to our suggestion that the breakfast potatoes be re-worked a bit, allowing for a more Potatoes O’Brien presentation, and the chicken for the omelet being more chopped, less shredded. Look for both changes in the coming weeks.

Crescent Moon’s Sunday Brunch is excellent and not to be missed. With so few options for a wonderful breakfast/brunch in the area, it’s a great choice to avoid both the crowds and the same-old or far-out dishes of other restaurants. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable; show up in your jeans or your after-church Sunday best. Brunch is reasonably priced (as are all Crescent Moon’s menus); our meal with coffee, Mimosa, Poinsettia, tax and tip came out to less than $40 total for the both of us. And for those that have little ones, there are plenty of kid-friendly options on the menu as well! Crescent Moon is located just outside The Woodlands on Rayford Road; just 3/10ths of a mile East of I-45 and on the right.

sunday brunch mimosas at crescent moon wine bar

Casual Breakfast

* It’s just too bad that Mrs. Myer didn’t think to serve “Frohnch” Toast to her French exchange student guest. It surely would have been closer to the real thing than the “Frohnch” Dressing!
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